Le contraire de un

Cie Giolisu & Teatro Pachuco (BE)

Public space theater

Encounter on a bench

Le contraire de Un by Lisa Da Boit and Rudi Galindo aims at being a poetical act in the urban space. Everything starts on a public bench : place of rest and meetings. On a bench one can be lonely, attracting or dismissing others. The bench can be a landmark and even a home at some point for some – it can host in silent cities some unexpected encounters. On a bench, a mysterious man is reading the newspaper. A woman, animated by revolutionary spirit arrives and tries to push to the limit peace and order… With this ecstatic duo, Lisa Da Boit and Rudi Galindo want to question the meaning of “staying in the box” in a world left to chaos with the arrival of Corona Virus.  

The company

Since 2007, Giolisu has established itself as one of the rising stars of the Belgian choreographic scene. The company’s choreography focuses on a body that is physically and emotionally highly engaged, and the work of the two artists has always revolved around encounters. Their work is committed and accessible to a wide audience, and their aim is to speak out in response to today’s world. Using movement as a tool and the body as a space for the unexpected and the surprising, they seek the truth of gesture.