Rendez-vous on the 11th and 12th of September 2021

A tour of 25 km  in order to discover a selection of street theater shows. Saturday or Sunday.

You can attend the Rallye de la Petite Reine* with a bicycle or you can join on our bus or our little train.

At each location a show is selected from the best of national and international sensations in circus and streettheater.

A travel along the riverside or deep in the countryside, with shows in symbolic places such as the Hospital Notre-Dame à la Rose from the 13th century or the old electric station in Deux-Acren. A entire day through the spirit of our town where the famous painter René Magritte was born… such as the Claudy Criquielion, world champion cyclist.

Centre Culturel René Magritte organization supported by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (‘Arts forains, du cirque et de la rue’) –  the Province de Hainaut (Supracommunalité’ Val de Dendre’) and the town of Lessines

* The name “Petite Reine” is in French a metaphor for bicycle…


10 years ago

In 2011, the start was given to the first spectators of the velocipedic festival of streettheater in Lessines


La compagnie Tempo d'Eole (Belgium)

( / )


La Tal (Spain)

Clocks have inner life?


Le Petit Lac

L’Eolienne (France)

Cirque chorégraphié

( / )

To Bee Queen

LadyCocktail (Be)

Acrobatic debate and liberating trapeze.

B.V. Natuur

Karel Casier et Aat Dirks (Pays-Bas)

Un spectacle de rue où la nature tient le haut du pavé !


On Air

Andrea Fidelio (Italy)

Kind Circus and visual comedy

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