Le Petit Lac

L’Eolienne (France)

- Cirque chorégraphié

Circassian dance between two swans revisiting Tchaikovsky's classic

Durée :25'

On the music of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake rearranged in a
current and variegated style, two Circassian acrobats, white swan and swan black,  invent a Circassian ballet.
Fragilities, imbalances, impulses, on the theme of the recognition of the other, our
two swans meet, hug, leap, discover and observe each other,
offering this mythical ballet a Circassian version, rich in a great
movement novelty.


Design, acro-choreography : Florence Caillon Musical composition and arrangements : Florence Caillon (in collaboration with Xavier Demerliac) Interpretation : Gal Zdafee et Marius Fouilland Technique and light : Greg Desforges alternating with Julien David Costumes: Emmanuelle Laskawiec-Huet, on an idea by Florence Caillon Production: THE FRATELLINI ACADEMY, with the support of the CITY OF SAINT-DENIS and in partnership with L'EOLIENNE. L'EOLIENNE is a company contracted by the Ministry of Culture / Drac of Normandy, the Conseil Régional and the city of Rouen.

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