The Horsemen

Les Goulus (FR)

A mix of performance and burlesque

The French attitude

Three famous equestrians, chosen to represent France at the forthcoming Olympic Games, arrive on their spirited mounts for a demonstration of equestrian dressage. These elite riders are all about the French attitude, despite a few misfires.

The company

A famous 19th century icon, La Goulue was in turn a laundress, a model (Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, and others), an actress and a lion tamer… Daughter of a father who had both legs amputated, she is the emblematic dancer of the French Cancan and owes her name to her habit of emptying customers’ glasses as she passed by their tables!

By defending the street as a playground, they advocate freedom of expression, thought, creation and movement in the public space, while respecting cultural rights and human dignity.
Les Goulus have produced a number of internationally acclaimed shows: Les Cupidons, Les Grands Nains, Celui qui hurlait à l’oreille des chevaux… and more recently Kartoons and TchernOcircuS.