La Pêche aux Histoires

Le Cie des Bonimenteurs

Fun and ecological!

Fishing for Stories, a must! The only “duck fishing” event in the world where children don’t win toys made in Taiwan – they win stories!

In front of their attraction, straight out of Expo 58, the pitchmen invite young and old to go fishing. But disaster! An accident occurs and pieces of rubbish invade the river: cans, plastic, etc. First the water has to be cleaned up to free the ducks.

Cooperative and ecological!

After fishing, it’s time for stories… Young spectators are invited to discover what goes on behind the scenes: seated on small benches, they watch an original story told using salvaged objects by a storyteller in the middle of his living room.

Ready, set… Fish!

The company

Created for Namur en Mai in 1997 on the initiative of Gaspar Leclère, and incorporated as a non-profit association in 2001, the Compagnie des Bonimenteurs has brought the art of the boniment back into fashion. Armed with his Melon hat, the bonimenteur puts himself at the service of the event, approaching the public sometimes in an intimate setting, sometimes for the general public.

It transforms practical information into a poetic moment; it announces shows with verve, transforming onlookers into potential spectators.

It creates a link between the shows and the audience. Since the company was founded, they never stopped improving, developing and renewing these characters.