10 years ago

In 2011, the start was given to the first spectators of the velocipedic festival of streettheater in Lessines

Nous partîmes 70…” “We left 70…” on May 22, 2011, from Lessines, by bike.

We travelled on bicycle to go see, in the countryside, talking shows … about bicycle.
And we wanted to greet on the road that day real cyclists: those of the Grand Prix Claudy Criquielion.

This one-off event in the theatre programming of the Centre culturel René Magritte, renewed in 2014, has been transformed into an annual event and now takes place in September.

Combining sport, culture, heritage, mobility under the banner of cycling and streettheater are the specificities of the festival that has grown under the name of “Rallye de la Petite Reine”. “Petite Reine” or “Little Queen” is an expression which means bicycle in French.

On the picture : Maryse Bresous for the show of the “Triplettes” (directed by Patrick Sourdeval).